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Astro Dynamic Manifestation

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In 2005, Karl Hans Welz developed a revolutionary new technology that allows you to custom-design any astrological energy or combination of astrological energies of your choice and to direct these energies towards yourself, towards any person of your choice and into any location of your choice: The technology of Astro-Dynamic Manifestation, or ADM.

The invention of the generator of life energy made possible this very effective ADM technology, by far exceeding the powers of astrologers of ancient times, who were "the wise ruling the stars" !

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Therefore, whatever your intention is ...

...Then ADM, or Astro-Dynamic Manifestation is right for you !!!

In this case the ADM filter pack, and especially the much more flexible ADM program can provide you with this extremely powerful technology that helps you to achieve positive permanent change of your destiny and to go far beyond the of the type destiny, which is "written in the stars!"

In fact, now you can gain the benefits of the near-infinite potential of Astro-Dynamic Manifestation - ADM - and you certainly can set up Your Personal "Astrological Greenhouse!" In other words, you are no longer dependent on the whims of a "cosmic climate" of the planetary positions around you. This is so, because by now you can define your own climate of cosmic-astrological energies, and you can do so with ease at all times!

In fact, it is obvious by now that with Astro-Dynamic Manifestation you certainly can take your destiny into the best possible hands: your own !!!

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, orgone radionics devices and Manifestation Programs.

Now let's explore another scenario: You have an important decision to make. This can be a personal situation, for business, or it may be a great opportunity, which presents itself to you and you do not exactly know how to handle it and when to act.

So you decide to go to an astrologer, who can tell you many important facts about your life such as basic skills, opportunities, character and your destiny in general. This interpretation includes things that are likely to happen in your life, what you should avoid, which direction may be the best one for you to go, your areas of success and your areas of potential failure. He or she tells you what to do and what better to avoid, etc. And then the astrologer can tell you what your fate has in store for you, based on which type of astrological trends are active at specific times and, based on this, you get valuable advice, where you can be successful and when. It is always good to know whether you should pursue something vigorously or whether it is better to diplomatically delay a decision for the time being. In fact, this is very valuable astrological advice, especially when connected with an accurate timing of the planetary aspects who are triggering these trends of your trends of destiny. You can adjust your actions to such insights and then you can improve your chances of success significantly.

Using astrology this way certainly offers you a great potential as compared to the person who does not have this valuable astrology-based information of future trends. On the other hand, although knowledge of future trends and adjusting your actions to such knowledge can be worth a fortune, you can have even more potential for success when you transcend the restrictions that are spelled out by astrological forecasts !!!

You can do this, because with the help of ADM - Astro-Dynamic Manifestation Techniquens - you are now capable of deciding yourself what type of trends you want to be active, and you can define the times when you want them to manifest and then you can use technology to surround yourself with precisely these astrological trend energies of your success, which are the best ones according to your own judgement. In this case, you will have made the first decisive step towards maximizing your success: There is no longer any need to adjust wisely to the restrictions and opportunities that are defined by the "astrological weather outside." This is so, because now you can control your destiny by generating the trends which you like in your very own "astrological greenhouse of astrological energies," so to say.

By now it is obvious that this exciting new method of managing your own astrological trend energies simply spells success !!!

Consequently, the power to achieve is yours now! This is so, because ... ... Now you can custom design the astrological energies of your choice !!!

This compares to setting up the planetary climate of your choice in your own "astrological greenhouse."

Most importantly, to custom-design astrological energies of your choice, you need not to be a professional astrologer at all !!! In fact, you can enjoy the great advantages of this exciting new technology, even if you have no traditional astrological training at all !!! All it takes to set up effective trend energies for your success is the Quick Reference Sheet in the user manual, which contains all the necessary key-words, with which you can easily formulate and custom-design any astrological energy of your choice. Moreover, you can do that which nature never can do: you can custom-design astrological trend energies that naturally never occur!

To find out more , you can read a free astrology course written by Karl Hans Welz at http://www.astrologycourse.com.
You can also download it in .pdf format from http://www.akor.cc

Instead of finding out which energies are going to define your destiny, you can now define the destiny that you want !!!

To set up this extremely powerful energetic basis for your success and positive permanent change is as easy as 1-2-3 !!!

  1. Using the Quick-Reference Sheet, define the astrological house that represents the area of life experiences in which you intend to be successful.

  2. Then you define the astrological energies (planetary functions), which you want to be active in this area of life exeriences. For instance, Jupiter brings expansion, Mars brings activity, etc. - See below the meanings of the planets or, better, study the free astrology course on line.

  3. Finally, you define the way in which you want to activate these energies, i.e., the influence of the astrological signs upon the planetary functions and upon areas of life experience, or astrological houses.

Once you custom-designed the desired astrological energy field, take the corresponding cards and put them into the house disk or put the images of planets, signs and houses into your ADM Program or into your Supermanifestation Program, then connect everything with your Chi Generator® - see the setup below!

By now it certainly is easy for you to get this extra power and energy for your success !!!

The example above is an astrological energy design for increase in prosperity.

As you can see here, with Astro Dynmaic Manifestation Techniques, you can now optimize the energy field that surrounds you, and you can do this at all times. In addition to this, you can use this exciting new technology to custom-design and activate the most successful energy patterns in your home and work place and to energize your food and drinks (with the AO 2400, LPOG 2400 HD, RAD 5 and especially the ATGS 3000). This extremely helpful and powerful new technology is possible, because, using the Chi Generator®, you actually can generate the energies of any astrological house (area of life experience), sign of the zodiac and planet (activity of your choice), and you can combine these energies, power them up with life energy, and help with astrology, Project them over any distance either to yourself, into your environment such as any room in your home and to others.

Below in the same setup except sent at a distance, a "money drink" is prepared that can help you get ideas to increase prosperity.

The Astro Dynamic Manifestation Program

The ADM Program has 12 positions that you can set up anywhere in the program, i.e., into any astrological house of your choice - see the example below, which is a setup for success in love. This "astrological greenhouse" naturally is extremely flexible!

ADM to enhance your Environment and your Home!

With ADM you can create your perfect environment for success on all levels in your home and work place.

You can view such a setup as an "astrological greenhouse", which allows you to generate an astrological environment with custom designed aspects that are the best possible trend energies leading to your overall success and positive permanent change.

In traditional Feng Shui practice, the living space is adjusted to the existing energy field. This limits your choices, of course.

With ADM, you can now enhance your living space with the energies of your choice, no matter what layout there is in the location that you empower. Moreover, the totally free choices that you have when custom designing combinations of astrological energies, i.e., houses, signs and planets, will certainly provide you with infinite more choices than the eight corners of Feng Shui. Consequently, you can use the full range of your creative mind in the layout, design and arrangement of your living space. Naturally, what you can do with ADM by far exceeds the few choices of traditional Feng Shui in flexibility and sheer power.

You can either use several basic kits with JU 99 CE's and astrology packs, one single device such as the ATGS 3000, into which you can put the transfers at the desired locations, or you can use the Super manifestation Program. This program (see the image below) is especially powerful when you combine it with the ATGS 3000 for large offices and for multiple applications. Again, developing the most appropriate success strategies and applying these strategies to your office space is a great advantage.

Now you can generate the best energetic environment have the power to achieve, because ...

Now you can custom design the astrological energies of your choice. This is extremely easy for you!

Below is an example of how to energize an office using the ADM capabilities of the Supermanifestation Program.

The same setup of energizing an office with the powers of planets, signs and houses, this time using the ATGS 3000.

Recommended for use with ADM

JU 99:
As seen in the pictures above, the JU 99 makes it easy to set up your structural- astro dynamic links. Simply place the JU 99 in the center of the house disk and set up your links as normal to generate your specific chi energies.

ATGS 3000:
By far the most powerful and versatile radionics device to date. Perfect for strong astro dynamic manifestation and structural links.

-2400 RADHD