Lee Bennett,
UK Full Contact Champion
Distributor, for Welz Chi Generators®

Lee Bennett

Karate, UK Full Contact Champion

Lee Bennett has fought in numerous contests around the world. He has
fought in many international events where the video footage has been lost
and has many victories by beating world champion contenders, claiming
International Championship titles. Also, he has gained seven British
Championship Awards in the 32 years of his Karate career.

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European and World Full contact Competition Awards and Honours
Lee is the UK representative for Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International (HSCTI)
He is a world-wide sports distributor for chi-energy devices
Lee wishes to pass his knowledge on to students interested in learning chi/ki-energy training for sports or general use
Lee is a Martial Arts Sensei (teacher); 5th dan (degree) and has studied traditional karate from the age of 8
He's achieved numerous successes in tournaments at both national and international levels, including three times International Semi- and Full-contact Champion for Wales and Britain
He spent one year as an uchi-deshi (full-time Karate student) in Sweden, training and teaching and has travelled extensively worldwide (including Japan, China, Hungary, Scotland, England, Spain and Norway) fighting full-contact as a Welsh and British representative
He has won several full-contact World Union Karate Organisation Tournaments and National Titles and not to mention, he is very knowledged and experienced in Karate; trained to a high standard in kick-boxing; now also training in grappling to combine and incorporate into annual tournaments organised for students training at his dojo and Independent Karate Organisation

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HSCTI and Karl Hans Welz are the official sponsors
of The Rising Sun Kyokushin Karate Club.

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