Distributor, for Welz Chi Generators®
Karate, UK Full Contact Champion
European and World Full contact Competition Awards and Honours

Chi and Orgone Energy

Lee is the UK representative for Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International (HSCTI)

He is a world-wide sports distributor for chi-energy devices

Lee wishes to pass his knowledge on to students interested in learning chi/ki-energy training for sports or general use

Martial Arts Career

Lee is a Martial Arts Sensei (teacher); 5th dan (degree)

He has studied traditional karate from the age of 8

He's achieved numerous successes in tournaments at both national and international levels, including three times International Semi- and Full-contact Champion for Wales and Britain

He spent one year as an uchi-deshi (full-time Karate student) in Sweden, training and teaching

Lee has travelled extensively worldwide (including Japan, China, Hungary, Scotland, England, Spain and Norway) fighting full-contact as a Welsh and British representative

He has won several full-contact World Union Karate Organisation Tournaments and National Titles

Not to mention, he is very knowledged and experienced in Karate; trained to a high standard in kick-boxing; now also training in grappling to combine and incorporate into annual tournaments organised for students training at his dojo and Independent Karate Organisation

A message from Lee:

Hi, it is a pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Lee Bennett. I am currently the UK Representative for two martial arts organisations (KSK Worldwide and All Japan Kyokushin Union). I have had many successes such as achieving numerous National and International titles, as well as recently leading our students at our club (www.rising-sun-kyokushin.co.uk) to International levels and standards. We organise our own events, bring competitors from around Europe to participate in our tournaments and regularly take students abroad to compete and take part in events that are held all over. We just recently took a student to Japan to compete at the World Kyokushin Union Championships held in Osaka, where my brother (Spencer Bennet) and I also took on the world's best martial artists.

Some people ask me how I do it all: run a club, be a leader of an organisation, teach students, work full time as a barber (run my own business) and fit enough training in to compete at the World Championship level. Not to mention, I am also the UK representative for HSCTI and Sports Advisor Worldwide for the company. (Please visit: www.maximumchienergy.co.uk and www.chisports.com.) I believe I owe a lot of credit to this company for showing me this technology and allowing me the opportunity to promote the products and distribute the chi generators for sports worldwide and also in the UK.

The Chi Generators work by pulsating pure chi energy to a person through a structural link. You may ask, "What is a structural link?" Basically, it can be anything that you charge with life force (chi energy) that you carry around with you, and go about your daily business. You charge the link that the HSCTI provides in the form of a pendant made from orgone. Orgone is a unique material that receives chi energy; you place the pendant on the chi generator to charge it.

Here are some of the benefits and advantages you would discover when using the devices from HSCTI: increasing self-improvement, relaxation, reducing stress, building confidence, aid in developing skills, weight loss, increased energy for workouts, vitality, sense of well being, positive permanent change, achieving your inner-most desires, energising drink and foods, influencing others with or without their knowledge, energising others, charging pendants/talismans, influencing the outcome of challenging situations, and more. Please visit the websites above for more information - there are many pages and links for you to learn about the equipment, which is relatively simple to use once you have a basic understanding.

I'm certain that this new technology will give you and your club the ability to achieve outstanding results.

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Yours with respect and good energy,

Lee Bennett

UK Distributor for HSTCI and Martial Arts Champion

Lee speaks on Chi Generators® and Chi

Amulets and talismans have been worn for centuries as either good-luck charms or to ward off the presence of evil spirits. The Chinese are extremely driven with the cultivation of chi: thousands practice chi-kung (chi-cultivation) in the streets on a daily basis for good health and general well-being. A programme shown on BBC TV called "Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves" follows the presenter as he travels around the Far East interviewing martial arts masters about the use and wear of amulets and the benefits of chi (such as spiritual and mental improvements of one's vision and intuition).

This new advanced orgone technology is a major scientific breakthrough in modern society. As the distributor for the UK and a current practitioner of the chi generators, I have combined the use of chi generators with martial arts training methods and have personally experienced outstanding results. Knowing that these devices will aid martial arts practitioners by promoting quicker results, I have described it like using a car: you will get to your destination far quicker than if you walk. This is the importance of new technology: when it arrives, grasp the opportunity and embrace it or others will get there before you and drive straight past.

Over the years, I have developed a friendly relationship with the inventor of the devices, Austrian scientist, Karl Hans Welz. With my interest in combining the new technology with the ki-do-jitsu syllabus, we decided to pursue a business collaboration. With Karl's help, I have developed a combat system that will enable the practitioner who joins this unique art to have an all-round martial arts ability, giving them the option to compete in any competition or tournament in most styles that are contact-based or simply learn to defend oneself, gain confidence and keep fit. The chi devices are optional with the training programme but are recommended for use with the syllabus and meditation techniques, along with chakras for inner balance and harmony, especially before and after a lesson. The way the energy is transferred is through a structural link - this being the frequency emitted from the device to a transfer disk (amulet) that the practitioner carries on him/her which then energises the person with chi. The equipment can be used for everyday use (eg. for an important meeting, to gain a business advantage over others in the workplace or to simply charge oneself with continuous ki energy for multiple tasks to ensure a successful outcome) as well as in martial arts competitions, which is what makes this equipment so powerful and versatile. You can read through the numerous web pages provided or try the chi transfer test where you can feel the chi energy for yourself.

The devices are aimed more towards adults who understand the principle and techniques; therefore, anybody under the age of 16 may not understand the philosophy behind the method. However, depending on the individual's sensitivity to energy and attitude towards learning, it may still be introduced at an early age, if recommended by a professional.

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