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PFC 2400 HD
Frequency Meter Chi Generator®

It's power is heavy, comparable to the RAD 2400 HD and the LPOG 2400 HD. It has a built-in precision frequency meter, and the frequencies that you can set up are between 0.7 Hz and 1000 Hz. It is a universal chi Generator®, which is ideal for personal use, meditation, sports, fitness, weight loss, and it works very well in conjunction with amy method of manifestation such as vision boards, the law of attraction, affirmation and, of course, our manifestation software. It does have an affirmation input from an MP3 player or the sound card of your PC, which adds at least 50% to the power output.  Naturally you can also use it for any combination of these methods.Like all of our Chi Generators®, which are middle of the line and above, it is a great device to optimize water. You can attach transfers onto your water line, onto dispensers, water tanks of reverse osmosis systems, etc..
Free Transfer Couplings included - Free AC-DC converter (9V DC - USA only). Size: ca. 10 x 6.25 x 2.5 inches.


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HSCTI and Karl Hans Welz are the official sponsors
of The Rising Sun Kyokushin Karate Club.

2400 RADHD -2400 RADHD
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